The SKHV operates an impressive fleet of historical aircraft. This is only possible thanks to the motivation of the aircraft mechanics of our Technical Department, of our experienced pilots (all volunteers) and of a never ending passion for securing our aviation history, especially the history of the RNLAF.

Therefore the fleet comprises mainly aircraft formerly flying with the RNLAF or RNL Navy Air Services. A fine exception to this is the Stinson L5B of the late HRH Prince Bernhard who was not only a warm supporter of the Dutch milirtary aviation, but also of the SKHV.

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Tiger-sldshw.jpg  S11-sldshw.jpg   Stinson-sldshw.jpg
DH 82A Tiger Moth  Fokker S11 Instructor  Stinson L-5b
 Ryan-sldshw.jpg B25-sldshw.jpg  Piper-sldshw.jpg 
 Ryan-STM2 B-25N Mitchell Pipercub L21B
 Auster-sldshw.jpg  Spitfire-sldshw.jpg Beaver-sldshw.jpg 
 Auster Mk III Spitfire Mk IX  DHC-2 Beaver
 Beech-sldshw.jpg  Cessna-sldshw.jpg  Harvard-sldshw.jpg
 Beechcraft D18S  Cessna 172P Skyhawk II  AT-16 Harvard
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