AT-16 'Harvard' (Var. registrations)

Up to the present time, and world-wide, the Harvard has been the trainer built in the largest numbers, a total of over 20,000 examples have been produced. In the Netherlands the KLu owned 220 Harvards in the post-war period, within the framework of the “Target One”agreement. A number of them, however, never flew,as these aircraft were immediately used for the provision of parts. Up to 1962 the KLu used the Harvard primarily as a trainer for the Advanced Flying Training (VVO) and the flying instructors’ training (VIO) at Gilze-Rijen Air Base. On this aircraft the trainees acquired their Major Military Flying Certificate. The aircraft were recognizable by their conspicuous canary-yellow livery, with day glow (orange) bands around their engine cowlings, fuselages and wing tips. At the beginning of 1968 the BAFO was the last unit to hand over the camouflaged Harvard’s to the Aircraft Materials Depot (DVM). These machines had been used for aerial photography, operating from the Deelen Air Base.

The SKHV has operated Harvard’s almost from the time of its foundation. The aircraft were used in the shooting of various feature films, often disguised as Fokker D.XXI, Thunderbolt, Typhoon or Focke-Wulf 190A. From a technical point of view a considerable number of tricks had to be devised to subject the aircraft to such a metamorphosis. The Harvard’s are featured in “Waakzaamheid”, “De Prijs van de Vrijheid”, “Soldaat van Oranje”, “De Aanslag”, “A Bridge Too Far” and the musical “Joe”.


Harvard and the  SKHV
Serial number Type RNLAF Type civil Constr. yr. RNLAF registration PH registration
14A-1467 Harvard IIb AT-16ND 1943 B-118 PH-IIB
14A-1444 Harvard IIb AT-16ND 1943 B-71 PH-MLM
14-641 Harvard IIb AT-16ND 1942 B-64 PH-LSK
14-543 Harvard IIb AT-16ND 1943 B-181 PH-IBI
14A-1100 Harvard IIb AT-16ND 1943 B-184 PH-IBY
14A-808 Harvard IIb AT-16ND 1943 B-182 PH-TBR
Technical data
Engine Pratt & Whitney R-1340-AN-1
Engine power 550 hp
Wing span 12.80 mtr
Length 8.84 mtr
Height 3.96 mtr
Max. speed 386 kmh
Max. weight 2550 kg
Range 1400 km
Ceiling 7340 mtr
Crew 2
In service RNLAF 220
In service SKHV 6