Cessna 172P "skyhawk II' (PH-GRH)

Perhaps the most striking outsider in the SKHV inventory is the Cessna 172P “Skyhawk II”. Although this aircraft has been painted in the VIP KLu color scheme, there is no link at all between her and the KLu.

All over the world many private and other pilots have mastered the art of flying at the controls of a Cessna. The name of Cessna has been well-known for more than fifty years as that of a manufacturer of light planes. The factory was successful before the Second World War, though it went through some bad periods, especially in the pre-war depression years.

Model 172 is a derivative of the Cessna 170B, which had a tail-wheel. In 1956 the latter model was adapted to become an aircraft with a nosewheel undercarriage. This development turned out to be an outstanding success, and many versions of the 172 followed. There are military versions, for example, and even a version with a retractable undercarriage was built. Cessna named the 172 “Skyhawk”. Up to 1985 Cessna Aircraft Co. sold more than 35,000 “Skyhawks”.

The Cessna of the SKHV is fully instrumented and is frequently used for instructional purposes. In addition, the SKHV foundation participants can use the aircraft to keep up their flying skills, and so economize on the precious flying hours of the historical aircraft.


Cessna and the SKHV
Serial number   Type Constr. yr   PH registration
17274269   Cessna 172P "Skyhawk II" 1981   PH-GRH
Technical data
Engine Lycoming O-320-D2J
Engine power 160 hp
Wing span 10.70 mtr
Length 7.96 mtr
Height 2.47 mtr
Max. speed 225 kmh
Max. weight 1088 kg
Range 812 km
Ceiling 3962 mtr
Crew 1 (+ 3 passengers)
In service RNLAF none
In service SKHV 1