Piper L21B (Div. registraties)

The Piper Super Cub is a two-seat high-wing plane that was used for artillery spotting and reconnaissance flights with 298, 299 and 300 Squadrons of the Light Aircraft Group (GPLV). In addition, these aircraft were used by the Light Aircraft Training at Gilze-Rijen for the course leading up to the Minor Military Flying Certificate. The latter planes were recognisable by their orange engine cowlings. They also served to enable the ‘monthly fliers’ to keep up their flying skills. These were fliers holding a Minor Military Flying Certificate who, after the expiration of their three-year contracts, kept up their flying skills for a few more years on a monthly basis. The air force operated a total of 156 Piper Cubs: 59 L-18C versions with 90-hp engines (with one tank and without flaps!), 19 L-21A versions with 125-hp engines and 78 L-21B versions with 135-hp engines. In all, Piper Aircraft Corp. at Lock Haven (USA) built over 10,000 examples!

The Piper Cubs were put into use by the air force in 1952 to replace the older Austers Mk III, and were in turn replaced by Bolkow BO-105 helicopters. Up to the end of 1976 air force Pipers were used to tow up gliders at the air force glider clubs.

The SKHV has flown Piper Cubs since its foundation. The aircraft are often to be seen in a 4-ship formation at well-known air displays.


Piper Cub and the SKHV
Serial number Type RNLAF Type civil Const. yr. RNLAF registration PH registration
18-3871 L-21A/U-7B PA-18-135 1954 R-181 PH-GAU
18-3537 L-21A/U-7B PA-18-135 1954 R-109 PH-GAZ
18-3867 L-21A/U-7B PA-18-135 1954 R-177 PH-KNR
18-3812 L-21A/U-7B PA-18-135 1954 R-122 PH-PPW
18-3827 L-21A/U-7B PA-18-135 1954 R-137 PH-PSC
Technical data
Engine Lycoming O-290-D2
Engine power 135 hp
Wing span 10.72 mtr
Length 6.86 mtr
Height 2.00 mtr
Max. speed 200 kmh
Max. weight 680 kg
Range 816 km
Ceiling 6859 mtr
Crew 2
In service RNLAF 156
In service SKHV 5