Ryan STM2 (PH-STM)

In the Dutch East Indies the Ryan STM trainer was used for the training of candidate pilots. Between December 1940 and March 1942 these aircraft served as trainers with the Military Aviation department of the Royal Dutch East Indies Army and with the Naval Air Service. Altogether 108 Ryan STMs have seen service for the Netherlands. Shortly before the Japanese invasion, the MLD ordered thirty-six Ryans to be shipped to Australia, our S-16 being one of them. In Australia they contributed to the war effort against the Japanese.

Our fliers in the Far East received their initial instruction on the Ryan, then switching to bombers and fighters. Fantastic stories about our Ryans in the Dutch East Indies are in circulation. The instructors soon realized that some reconnaissance work could easily be included in the training sorties. This resulted on several occasions in clashes between Ryans and Japanese aircraft. One Dutch pilot spent 25 minutes in a dogfight with a Japanese fighter, which did not succeed in downing the slower but very manoeuvrable Ryan. In a similar confrontation, a Javanese pilot dived his Ryan on top of a Japanese Zero, both planes crashing and the two pilots perishing.

Our Ryan is one of the last flying examples that flew the Dutch flag. She is powered by a 150-hp four-cylinder air-cooled Menasco in-line engine giving her a maximum speed of 256 km/h, with a 560-km range. After the war our Ryan found her way to Hong Kong, was subsequently bought by a Norwegian pilot who, 40 years ago, sold her to an American military pilot who, after a thorough renovation, flew her up to 2002. We succeeded in buying the aircraft in November 2002, with the help of the Prince Bernhard Fund, the VSB Fund, the Royal Netherlands Air Force and Martinair. The latter company furnished the means for transportation from the United States to the Netherlands.


Technical data
Engine Menasco C-4S 'Pirate'
Engine power 150 hp
Wing span 9.12 mtr
Length 6.90 mtr
Height 2.25 mtr
Max. speed 196 kmh
Max. weight 829 kg
Range 395 km
Ceiling 6405 mtr
Crew 2
In NL Military service 108
In service SKHV 1