For foundations such as the KLuHV sponsorship is indispensable. We would like to come in contact with companies that want to support our work through a sponsorship deal. In consultation it may be decided what you will get in return within the scheme of Historic aviation. If you are interested? 

The KLuHV is a full fledged airline company. This (flying) museum is housed in a foundation which keeps the Dutch military history a live. The foundation consists of 250 volunteers.

The aircraft operate under the legislation of the Historic aviation. The technical service and the flight duty meet all the requirements to operate safely with vintage aircraft. These requirements are being controled by ILenT.

You can contact us if you want to organize an event that allows you an indelible impression in your relationships. Your new product, the theme day, the Congress or the team building session remains the attendees at many years. We explane you with passion how you will experience the history of the Royal Air Force on the military airbase Gilze Rijen. You shall meet in a hangar and you dine or lunch between the historic airplanes or bubbling up in the crew room. Get your guests, in addition to the technical presentation and guided tours of the hangars, the exclusive chance to fly in historical airplanes of which there are only a few left. You decide how big your group is, for two or with 1,000 people; the event is tailor made for you.

Send an E-mail to: staff.sales@skhv.nl